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New double wire weed guard makes this sleek classic even easier to come through cover. The addition of the weed guard has made this jig the ultimate predator for fishing through the emerging spring weeds. 

• Molded with a “short-shank” wide-gap forward tie-eye hook
• Features a sleek “stand-up head” and a new double wire weed guard that’s tailor-made for shallow water casting and pitchin’ around weeds, brush & timber

A killer for walleyes, saugers, perch, bass and pike. Tip with a minnow, leech or half crawler. Attach stinger hook on top of bait to minimize fouling. Ideal for shallow-water casting and dragging through sand grass, rocks and rubble. Also deadly around woody cover. Allow jig head to contact bottom to raise bait into natural position, imitating a feeding minnow.


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  • Weedless Stand-Up Fireball Jig

    Posted by Paul Dierkhising on Jul 24th 2022

    Finally, a weedless jig that checks all the boxes. With a minnow or leach, it falls straight without line twist, and at an appropriate fall rate for its weight. It has a stout, yet penetrating hook that keeps the bait close to the front of the jig for more natural and appealing movement in the water. It has stinger hook capability. It is offered in a variety of colors. (hopefully gold will be added to the choices soon). It is compact so that walleyes get all of it in their mouths with a single inhale attempt. AND, yep, it goes through weeds, such as celery and coontail, with very few collecting on the jig. Nice.

  • Cabbage Bed Walleyes

    Posted by HappyAngler224 on Jun 21st 2022

    Does everything the original stand up does, but now it's easy to toss to weed edges and into milfoil and cabbage beds

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