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Crappie and Bluegill anglers who love noodle actions but hate wet-noodle hooksets will flock to the Cherry Picker™ and its ultra fast action.  Detect bites and still be able to bite back with a discernible backbone yet detailed styling...

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Yellow Tackle Box

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This thin style Northland Fishing Tackle storage box is perfect for keeping your jigs, rigs and components organized and dry without taking up a lot of space in your boat or tackle bag. It features our classic Northland yellow design with 18 compartments...

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• Stamped from metal and feature an “poker-eye” that pokes, pops & cleans paint out of jig head eyes and painted hooks• A Northland logo lanyard & line cutter nips, clips & cuts line to make this one of the most useful...

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• Measures fish up to 36” long• Attach to a boat or use as a portable device• Handy length to weight conversion scale for Crappie, Bass, Walleye & Pike Quickly, easily and accurately measures fish up to 36 inches long. Perfect...

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