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• Features a soft & chewy foam body
• Incredible for floating live bait over moss, weeds and rocky bottom areas

Catches walleyes, perch, jumbo panfish, bass and trout. Floats live bait over moss, weeds and rocky bottom areas. Tip with a leech, minnow or nightcrawler. A 24- to 48-inch leader between Gum-Drop® Floater and sinker is typically sufficient. However, a 12- to 24-inch leader is better in stained water, while 60 to 84 inches may be necessary in clear water.


Customer Reviews

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  • Floater Doesn’t Float

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 7th 2022

    I bought a package of the large floaters. Dropped one in glass of water. Sunk like a stone, right to the bottom.

  • GUM-Drop floaters don't float

    Posted by [email protected] on Apr 6th 2022

    Bought some in SD bait store June/2021, wouldn't float. Ordered more directly from Northland. Same story. I use these fishing over moss/weeds but useless as made currently.

  • Gum-Drop Floater

    Posted by Bob Cote on Dec 23rd 2021

    Great product

  • Gum drop floaters

    Posted by Bob on Apr 9th 2021

    The best thing since sliced bread. I use these a lot. They work great and do catch fish period.

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