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• The most versatile, sensitive and snag-free sinker weight on the planet
• Designed to bounce the bottom and glide over jagged rocks, logs, stumps, moss & weed cover without snagging up
• Sleek “stick-shaped” design is made from SuperStainless Rod to provide minimum resistance with maximum sensitivity

 A versatile weighting system for drifting and trolling live bait snells, spinner rigs and other presentations for walleyes and other gamefish. Glides over weeds, rocks and wood without snagging. Sensitive SuperStainless® Rod transmits bottom information, allowing anglers to probe for transitions, rocks, gravel and other fish-attracting bottom types. Slide onto line or use Quick-Change® on/off weight snap to add or change weights without retying.


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  • Best bottom bouncer!

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 4th 2018

    This bottom bouncer is awesome! It has minimal drag as it travels through the water compared to other weight systems of equal weights. The pass through swivel allows more sensitivity traveling back to your rod tip to detect those light bumps from finicky fish. Highly recommend this product to anyone who typically uses bottom bouncers.

  • Great with spinners

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 16th 2018

    These are great for use in deeper water. They drop quickly and minimize tangling.

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