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• Gary Roach’s secret weapon for trolling and drifting up giant Walleye with big bladed crawler rigs

• Hand-snelled with a tough and transparent 17#, 60” Bionic® leader, premium Salmon-Egg hooks, meaty #6 facetted beads and throbbing magnum “metallic fish scale attractor blade"

• WSR4- #4 Colorado Blade, WSR6- #6 Colorado Blade

• Features a #2 front hook and #4 back hook

• Produces maximum flash and lifelike reflection


A secret weapon for drifting and trolling up trophy-sized, big-water walleyes on the Great Lakes and large inland systems, but also deadly in smaller natural lakes. Rig with a live nightcrawler or IMPULSE® nightcrawler. Colorado blade creates maximum thump, flash and vibration at slower speeds. Painted blades excel in low-visibility conditions. Metallic finishes are ideal in clear water and bright conditions.  

Customer Reviews

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  • Great spinner!

    Posted by Steve on Aug 18th 2017

    I bought some of these Mr. Walleye crawler hauler before and used them once in awhile with great success before. So I decide to try them again this summer and Wow! Its been crazy how many walleye we have caught with these this year and some big ones as well! I have been taking family and friends out this year that say that they have never caught a fish before or a walleye. So I would set them up with one of these "Parrot Pink" with a night crawler or a leech! Its been awesome to see the smiles on there faces and how much fun they are have! I just bought 30 more last week and they were on my door step this morning! Just in time for the weekend!

  • Great lure

    Posted by Phil on May 24th 2017

    I've been using this all spring! I haven't got skunked yet

  • catches everthng from waleyes to blue gills

    Posted by Paul Clausing on May 9th 2017

    Nothing better than a crawler harness and Northland has all my favorite colors.

  • The Fish Don't Stand A Chance...

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 2nd 2016

    I have been a Northland fan for some two decades, and over time have increased the size of my baitfish spinners from RCH3 to RCH4 and finally the RCH5. It's been my secret weapon always out fishing everybody else regardless of the bait they were using. I kept catching bigger and bigger fish and needed a more robust lure and then I discovered the Mr. Walleye. It has all the fish catching mojo of the RCH but is considerably more rugged and capable of catching very large fish indeed. I use these lures in an unconventional way mostly for saltwater fishing and never need to have fresh bait on hand. Pop a gulp on one of these bad boys and if you have the right color, have no fear, you are coming home with dinner!

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