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  • Made from polycarbonate
  • 60 inch snell/leader length
  • Features two size blades (size #1 7/8in, size #2 1 3/8in)
  • Allows for slow trolling down to .25mph
  • Great for deep or shallow weed lines
  • Provides maximum flash and sonic vibration
  • Features premium Super Death® Hook


Deadly on walleyes and jumbo perch. Imparts an erratic, spiraling action when rigged with a live nightcrawler or soft plastic bait like the IMPULSE®® Nightcrawler. Troll at a variety of speeds behind a Rock-Runner® or Slick-Stick® bottom bouncer. Excels for covering water in search of fish, bridging the gap between live-bait rigs and crankbaits. 

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  • Butterfly Blade Super Death

    Posted by John W Hayes on Jan 8th 2021

    Used with half a crawler, finding the preferred color and depth, troll these over marked fish or use as a search bait, these thing are lights out for walleye passive or aggressive. The colors available are perfect for mu home waters. Lake of the Woods,. This is my preferred presentation in so many situations.

  • Great for slow trooling

    Posted by Michael Prevost on Jul 13th 2018

    Slow death harness works great it just catch's fish The butterfly blades are great

  • re-rigged bass killer

    Posted by Chuck Cooper on Apr 29th 2018

    Hi guys. I took the butterfly blade super death rig I bought from you and re-gigged it for Bass fishing. I replaced the beads with tungsten beads to give the rig some weight to cast. I put a tiny brass bead between the blade and the tungsten beads to help the blade spin easier. I also replaced the hook which did not slow roll when retrieved. I replaced the hook with the Matzuo Model 910 Death Roll Swivel Hook. This is now an absolute killer finesse rig for casting to Bass especially in stained water. The blade design is awesome at a slow retrieve and paired with the added weight and the death roll swivel hook it is a very good finesse rig. Guys have been asking about my butterfly rig because I'm really doing well with it. I'm catching Bass and the water is still cold here in northern NJ. You might want to make these for the bass market.

  • Walleye18

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 31st 2018

    Have not used at this time. Hard water.

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