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Northland Fishing Tackle’s Tungsten Short-Shank Jig uses Northland’s legendary Short-Shank Fire-Ball® Jig design in a Tungsten offering. Molded from Tungsten which is 30% more dense than lead, this jig has a faster fall rate and less drag in the water. This allows anglers to use a lighter tungsten jig than typically used when fishing a comparable sized lead jig. In addition, the hardness of tungsten increases sensitivity and allows anglers to feel exactly what's on the bottom. It features a premium short-shank wide-gap hook and dual bait keepers that lock on soft plastics and live bait. The Tungsten Jig comes in 3 size ⅛, ¼ and ⅜ and 8 colors. They are available 2 per card and 4 or 5 per card bulk packs 

  • Made from eco friendly heavy weight tungsten that is 30% denser than traditional lead jigs
  • Tungsten’s hardness allows anglers better feel for bottom contact and lite bites
  • Premium Mustad Ultra Point Short-shank wide gap hook and dual hook keepers lock on soft plastic and live bait
  • Red “T” eyes easily distinguish tungsten

Customer Reviews

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  • Tungsten short shank jigs

    Posted by Shane Cardinal on Nov 25th 2023

    These are some great jigs, the wide gap hooks are great for hook up percentages. The paint is great I fish a lot around rock piles and the paint has lasted extremely well. As for the price there spendy. I like to have more but only buy a few at time.

  • Tungsten short shank jig

    Posted by Carl Klein on Oct 11th 2023

    Was walleye fishing up on Lake of the Woods this past October 01 - October 06, so got in 5.5 days of fishing, caught 221 walleyes thus averaging 40/day, all on the tungsten short shank wide gap 1/8 oz jig, Sunrise/Parakeet/Bubblegum/Firetiger/Gold colors all worked equally well, really like the jig, and I think the large eyes on the jig make the fish target the ‘head-half’ of the minnow on the jig thus close to the hook for higher percentage hookups.

  • Gave this one a 4 - only because a 5 is like a unicorn, you know, the fish jump into the boat to eat it... will buy more, a good one.

    Posted by Brad D on Sep 18th 2023

    I am, however, cringing at the thought of a pike slicing this one away like a pickpocket. Never fished with a $5 jig before...

  • Tungsten short shank jig eyes

    Posted by mike Meyer on May 29th 2023

    Bought every color in 1/8 ounce and the eyes fell off in the river as I was jigging. Can't have eyeless jigs for that kind of money. Very disappointed.

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