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The Sunny B is a classic balsa lure with a modern body shape! Its 5 cm bite-sized profile features a hybrid shape that fills the gap between traditional lures and flat-sided bait. This gives the lure an action that is tighter than most balsa lures allowing it to produce fish all season long. Bagley’s HCM process allows their designers to precisely adjust the weighting for fine-tuned action, diving depths, and maximum castability making the Sunny B a top choice of pro anglers.

Sunny B 05
2'' 3/8 oz 6-7' 2

Made of balsa wood using the Bagley HCM process; this uniquely shaped lure is precision balanced for easy casting and attracts fish with fast, slow or twitched retrieves. The unique diving lip allows the lure to dive to 6-8 feet with light tackle and it runs with great vibration.

This Bagley lure is manufactured using the exclusive Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process which is a technological advancement in making high quality balsa lures. This unique production process allows for a full wire through design, creating greater lure strength and durability when used with today’s modern lines and equipment. The HCM process also allows for precise internal weighting that results in easy casting and perfectly running baits - every time.

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  • Awesome Shallow Crank

    Posted by Jack Gavin on Mar 14th 2022

    The unique body shape and bill of the Sunny B absolutely gets more bites, especially on pressured lakes and rivers. Great little shallow crank to add to your lineup.

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