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Bagley introduced the Bagley Spintail in 2015 as a must have topwater stick bait for every tackle box. This exciting new addition to the Bagley lineup is designed to swim with an amazing tail action, cast easily and allow for multi-purpose retrieves.  Work it on top, or 2-3 feet down.  You can also twitch and jerk it and then let it pause and rise head first – just like a real minnow – with propeller spinning.

 Bagley Spintail 05
5" 3/8 oz 0-1' 3
This traditional 5 inch long, three hook size topwater stick bait, has a freely spinning rear prop that creates turmoil in the water and often attracts large predators from afar. It is precisely balanced for use with light to medium tackle. An ideal lure for calm water conditions. Work it along slowly on top of the water or rip it down a few feet and then let it pause. Be ready. With its slow head first rise this is often when the big ones strike. Great for bass and feeding pike.

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  • Bang o lure

    Posted by Pedro on Aug 5th 2022

    Many color’s to choose from but if you’re a Floridian you know without a doubt black & gold is the winner. I’ve been bass fishing when Bagley’s made bang o lures back then they cost me $1.99 yeah I’m old lol but the best action with this lure is the spinner on the back and it dives up to 1 foot I’ve caught my bass mainly popping it on top but I have caught many popping lightly like a injured fish pausing then reeling it underwater this lure is the best top water lure in the bass fishing industry I have had 70 bass fishing day’s over 277 bass for a 3 day weekend how do I count I have a counter of course . The black & gold solid color or the black & gold black bars or the black & gold black dot has been amazing for my type of fishing I have caught my share of bass between 1 pound’s up to 9 pound’s this lure closely imitates a golden shiner see black & gold 5 1/4 inch with the additional noise of the spinner drives them into an eating frenzy . I have fished water from 2 foot to 25 foot it doesn’t matter if the bass are there they know a bang o lure when it hits the water . Here in Florida we don’t have 20 pounder’s but those 9’s & 10’s do give you a rush . Hurry and buy you some of the best lures in our fishing industry.

  • Spin tail

    Posted by Stephen Bell on Oct 11th 2021

    The spin tail bait is an awesome bait. I’ve caught some big bass and crappie on it. If you aren’t using one you are missing out

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