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Made from polycarbonate Features two size blades (size #1 7/8in, size #2 1 3/8in) Allows for slow trolling down to .25mph Great for deep or shallow weed lines Provides maximum flash and sonic vibration   Deadly on walleyes and jumbo perch...

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• Constructed with a durable 12lb leader, deadly treble hook & “fast-snap” connector   A proven way to increase your catches of light-biting walleyes, saugers and other gamefish by 30 to 50 percent or more since its creation...

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• Made from styrene• Popular for floating live bait snells & spinner rigs up off the bottom   Use for floating live bait snells and spinner rigs off bottom when drifting and trolling for walleyes, perch and other gamefish. Great...

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• Made from brass and features a black, no-glare finish   Ideal when tying rigs and making line-to-line connections for all types of gamefish, through the ice and in open water. Works with all types of line, including monofilament,...

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• Made from soft & supple Super-Silicone material that has 80 tantalizing crazy-legs that drive fish wild• Popular as replacements on buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, spoons & topwater baits Deadly on bass, pike, walleyes and other predatory...

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• Stamped from brass & used to revolve spinner blades on spinner rigs, spinnerbaits & blade baits   A critical component when creating spinner rigs, spinnerbaits and blade baits for walleyes and other predatory gamefish. Premium brass...

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• Molded from plastic & used as spacers, for modification & replacement of worn out parts & for color decoration on monofilament and steel leader rigs   Pearl Beads are great for catching the eye of hungry walleyes, jumbo perch,...

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