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Bass fishing in the winter can be a challenge, kick the curve with the Smeltinator Coldwater Kit. This kit includes the top colors in smaller hook sizes so you can downsize your presentation without sacrificing weight.


Kit includes an assortment of 30 Smeltinator's and Smeltinator Underspins.



2/pc SJON12-10 Smeltinator 1/2oz 1/0 Hook OPENING NIGHT
2/pc SJON12-20 Smeltinator 1/2oz 2/0 Hook OPENING NIGHT
3/pc SJON38-10 Smeltinator 3/8oz 1/0 Hook OPENING NIGHT
3/pc SJPS38-20 Smeltinator 3/8oz 2/0 Hook PURPLE SILVER
3/pc SJRS38-10 Smeltinator 3/8oz 1/0 Hook RALPHS SMOKE
3/pc SJRS38-20 Smeltinator 3/8oz 2/0 Hook RALPHS SMOKE
2/pc SJSM12-10 Smeltinator 1/2oz 1/0 Hook SMELT
2/pc SJSM12-20 Smeltinator 1/2oz 2/0 Hook SMELT
3/pc SJSM38-10 Smeltinator 3/8oz 1/0 Hook SMELT
3/pc SJSM38-20 Smeltinator 3/8oz 2/0 Hook SMELT
1/pc USON38-20 Smeltinator Underspin 3/8oz 2/0 Hook OPENING NIGHT
1/pc USRS38-20 Smeltinator Underspin 3/8oz 2/0 Hook RALPHS SMOKE
1/pc USSM12-20 Smeltinator Underspin 1/2oz 2/0 Hook SMELT
1/pc USSM38-20 Smeltinator Underspin 3/8oz 2/0 Hook SMELT

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  • Cold Water Killer's

    Posted by Ozark Bass Guy on Jan 28th 2024

    I'm ready to put these to use on LOZ following this cold snap!

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