Smallmouth Bass

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Swiveling, jointed head/hook design for maximum bait action Standup/football shape head Great for rigging Impulse® soft plastics and all live bait Exclusive VMC hook Extremely snag resistant Great for walleyes, bass and other gamefish. Rig with...

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• Features a sleek “wedge-head” design & totally weedless plastic “Y” guard• Rig with minnow, crawler, leech, plastic worm or grub A perennial favorite for bass, pike, walleyes and crappies in heavy cover. Tip with...

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• Latest design for finesse fishing Walleye or Bass• Ultra-soft external body rings and seductive Double-Curl Screwtail• Crawls and wiggles to tantalize, tease and torment the reluctant biters Deadly on walleyes and all species of bass. A...

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• A “totally weedless” crawfish flippin’ jig developed to muster out Big Bass & Pike • Features sleek bullet head, thumping Buck-Shot® Rattle Claws, & weedless brush guard Built to pluck hefty bass and northern...

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