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Product Description

• Molded with a blood red Lip-Stick® wounded bait hook
• Features Super-Glo neon attractor colors
• Glowing "eye-balls" and specially designed barbed "bait-collar"

Deadly for walleyes, saugers, bass and pike, particularly in low-light and low-visibility conditions, where the phosphorescent Super-Glo® neon attractor colors are easy for fish to see. Tip with live bait or soft plastics. Cast, drift, slow-troll or cast and retrieve. Experiment with colors until the fish tell you what they want at the moment.


  • Species: Crappie, Perch, Pike, Trout, Walleye
  • Season: Open Water

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Customer Reviews

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  • Good Quality Walleye Jig

    Posted by Gregg on Jul 10th 2018

    With more than 50 years of fishing experience, I appreciate the quality of Northland jigs, the size and strength of the hook. the ease of removal of paint from the eye of the jig and the overall fishing performance. I use Glow, luminescent, and regular sinking jigs in light colors, 1/4 or 3/8 oz. The glow jigs seemed to provide a bit more walleye action this year although I cannot say scientifically that they outperformed other Northland jigs. I was pleased with the quality and reordered more jigs after two weeks of Canadian fishing.

  • Vegas Glitter Jigs

    Posted by Les Gransee on Jul 19th 2017

    I and my family have used the Red Vegas Jig for some time and were destroyed when we found out that it is no longer available. I purchased these jigs as a replacement, have not used them yet, so I can't review them yet. But can tell you that the Vegas Red Glitter Jig in 1/8 th oz. was the best jig ever made for walleye fishing.

  • Eyes aren't painted shut

    Posted by Jesse on Jul 14th 2017

    Lime with red/orange eyes were always my go to jig. Been harder to find and with so many retail shops putting their own brand on stuff I thought I was out of luck. Having the eyelet not painted shut is a bonus and no chance of these hooks snapping like the cheap imitators

  • They are a totally killer jig!

    Posted by Unknown on May 30th 2017

    They work amazing I catch double the fish easy and my partners don't know why I keep my little secret!. There's only one problem with these jigs ,not all of the colors glow as well as others and not all of the jigs in the same color glow as well if you buy them in multi packs for some reason ??? Highly highly recommend the blue they seem much more consistent in their glow and the length of time they stay "charged" I would have to say the next best is the light green although I have found them to not be as consistent as I said with their glow some of them are amazing and other ones don't stay "charged" nearly as long?! They also have the BEST HOOKS BY FAR!!! A little tip throw a stinger on them and you will catch even more, you seriously won't believe how big of a difference that makes and in the power of bioluminescence!!!!! I am a true believer and fish with nothing else when it comes to jigs! My experience has been walleyes and Northerns can't resist them, good fishing

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