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• Molded from heavy-weight tungsten around a premium 60 degree Lip-Stick® fine wire hook
• 7 Hard-Rock® color patterns with metallic UV GraniteGlitter & “glow-in-the-dark” eye-balls

Molded from dense, fast-falling tungsten around a premium 60-degree Lip-Stick® fine-wire hook, the Mooska Tungsten Jig presents an extremely lifelike forage imitation in a petite package panfish can’t resist. Balance it with a small IMPULSE® soft plastic or live bait tipping, and experiment with subtle swimming jig strokes until the fish tell you what they want at the moment.


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Customer Reviews

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  • Hard rock mooska jig

    Posted by Zachary Meadows on Jul 18th 2019

    These things work great for panfish when tipped with a bit of wax worm or crawler. My only gripe is they do break quite a bit. I've had a few hook tips snap off, and the tungsten head break loose from the hook on several. Still, they work fantastic until they break... just keep a lot of spares on hand.

  • Mooska Jig

    Posted by LeafsFan79 on Jan 16th 2018

    These work fine when tipped with a waxworm or spike. Having said that, I ordered several sizes in yellow and all of them arrived looking exactly like the one pictured as gold on the website - perhaps mislabeled at the factory? The fuschia pink arrived much more orangish in color than pictured. Would like to see this jig in purple. Suggest viewing these at a retailer before buying as some of the colors shown online are not accurate.

  • Great deep water crappie jig

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 11th 2018

    Fishing 30+ feet of water jig gets down fast, reads easy of a Fl18 at those depths

  • never hit the water

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 25th 2017

    went to clean paint out of hook eye and had the hook break right out of the jig .seems like the hook was right at surface of tungsten. had this happen on two ,do not dare to try and use the others

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