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  • Feature premium Cutting Edge hook
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  • 184 piece kit
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Offered in weights perfect for all gamefish, from panfish to large predators like walleyes, trout and pike. Premium long-shank hook with sharper bait-color holds live bait and soft-plastic tippings in place during a variety of presentations, from snap-jigging to swimming, bottom bouncing and more. Choose colors to mimic forage base or draw attention and trigger reaction bites.

Kit includes 180 packaged RZ Jigs, a 36 inch Northland ruler scale, a pair of line clippers, an eye cleaner and a Northland tackle box.  


12 Jigs RZJ3-12-1015 1/8oz, 1/0 Hook  PARAKEET
12 Jigs RZJ3-12-1315 1/8oz, 1/0 Hook  GLO WATERMELON
12 Jigs RZJ3-12-135 1/8oz, 1/0 Hook  MOONLIGHT (GLOW)
12 Jigs RZJ3-12-61 1/8oz, 1/0 Hook  SHRIMP
12 Jigs RZJ3-12-83 1/8oz, 1/0 Hook  CRAWDAD
12 Jigs RZJ4-12-1015 1/4oz, 2/0 Hook  PARAKEET
12 Jigs RZJ4-12-108 1/4oz, 2/0 Hook  SUNRISE
12 Jigs RZJ4-12-135 1/4oz, 2/0 Hook  MOONLIGHT (GLOW)
12 Jigs RZJ4-12-61 1/4oz, 2/0 Hook  SHRIMP
12 Jigs RZJ4-12-83 1/4oz, 2/0 Hook  CRAWDAD
12 Jigs RZJ5-12-1015 3/8oz, 3/0 Hook  PARAKEET
12 Jigs RZJ5-12-108 3/8oz, 3/0 Hook  SUNRISE
12 Jigs RZJ5-12-1315 3/8oz, 3/0 Hook  GLO WATERMELON
12 Jigs RZJ5-12-135 3/8oz, 3/0 Hook  MOONLIGHT (GLOW)
12 Jigs RZJ5-12-61 3/8oz, 3/0 Hook  SHRIMP

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  • Jigs For Days

    Posted by Tackle Guy Ty on Jun 14th 2022

    I'm still sorting all these new jigs. They have all my favorite colors and sizes.

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