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The Rippin’ Minnow relies on a gliding jig head at the forward part of the bait that propels the entire lure in a darting motion throughout the water column. The Rippin’ Minnow features a pre-rigged soft, chewy body that both acts and feels like the real thing. It’s a perfect cast and retrieve bait which also fishes well vertically for pinpoint, precision fishing when the bite requires detail and life to the bait.

  • Mimics a predator fishes favorite forage, a dying minnow
  • Darts, glides and swims to entice aggressive strikes
  • Features a gliding head and soft chewy body that acts and feels like the real thing
  • Each package comes with (1) pre rigged bait and (2) separate tail

Kit includes 15 packaged Rippin Minnows and a 36 inch Northland ruler scale.


1 card RMJ4-10 1/4oz-3 3/4in GLO CHARTREUSE
1 card RMJ4-108 1/4oz-3 3/4in SUNRISE
1 card RMJ4-12 1/4oz-3 3/4in WALLEYE
1 card RMJ4-46 1/4oz-3 3/4in PURPLEDESCENT
1 card RMJ4-61 1/4oz-3 3/4in GLO PINK
1 card RMJ45-10 5/16oz-3 3/4in GLO CHARTREUSE
1 card RMJ45-108 5/16oz-3 3/4in SUNRISE
1 card RMJ45-12 5/16oz-3 3/4in WALLEYE
1 card RMJ45-61 5/16oz-3 3/4in GLO PINK
1 card RMJ45-46 5/16oz-3 3/4in PURPLEDESCENT
1 card RMJ6-10 1/2oz-4in GLO CHARTREUSE
1 card RMJ6-108 1/2oz-4in SUNRISE
1 card RMJ6-12 1/2oz-4in WALLEYE
1 card RMJ6-46 1/2oz-4in PURPLEDESCENT
1 card RMJ6-61 1/2oz-4in GLO PINK

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  • Smallie Smasher

    Posted by Mille Lacs Lake Guy on May 9th 2022

    I know it's marketed as a walleye bait but don't sleep on casting these on rocks for smallies

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