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All of the Eye Candy shapes come together in this kit to give you a soft plastic for whatever presentation you need to use to get the job done. This Kit includes a free pack of 1/4oz Tungsten Jigs so you can experience one of the best soft plastic/jig combinations in Walleye fishing.


Kit Includes 20 packs of Eye Candy soft plastics. 4 packs of Paddle Shads, 4 Packs of Minnows, 4 packs of Jig Crawlers, 4 packs of Grubs, 4 packs of Nightcrawlers and a pack of Tungsten Jigs.

*Kits are subject to change based on availability, table below shows most up to date sizes and colors. 


5/pc ECG3-37 Eye Candy Grub 3in SMELT
5/pc ECG3-135 Eye Candy Grub 3in GLO MOONLIGHT
5/pc ECG3-42 Eye Candy Grub 3in PURPLE SHAD
5/pc ECG3-50 Eye Candy Grub 3in SMOKE SHAD
5/pc ECJC35-1331 Eye Candy Jig Crawler 3.5in SUNRISE CORE
5/pc ECJC35-1310 Eye Candy Jig Crawler 3.5in GLO CHARTREUSE
5/pc ECJC35-135 Eye Candy Jig Crawler 3.5in GLO MOONLIGHT
5/pc ECJC35-611 Eye Candy Jig Crawler 3.5in PINK SILVER
5/pc ECM3-611 Eye Candy Minnow 3in PINK SILVER
5/pc ECM4-108 Eye Candy Minnow 4in SUNRISE
5/pc ECM4-1331 Eye Candy Minnow 4in GLO FATHEAD
5/pc ECM4-611 Eye Candy Minnow 4in PINK SILVER
5/pc ECNC6-1081 Eye Candy Nightcrawler 6in SUNRISE CORE
5/pc ECNC6-410 Eye Candy Nightcrawler 6in PURPLE CHARTREUSE
5/pc ECNC6-611 Eye Candy Nightcrawler 6in PINK SILVER
5/pc ECNC6-1 Eye Candy Nightcrawler 6in PEARL WHITE
5/pc ECPS35-12 Eye Candy Paddle Shad 3.5in GOLD SHINER
5/pc ECPS35-85 Eye Candy Paddle Shad 3.5in FIRECRACKER
5/pc ECPS35-427 Eye Candy Paddle Shad 3.5in PURPLE GILL
5/pc ECPS35-50 Eye Candy Paddle Shad 3.5in SMOKE SHAD
2/pc TEBJ5-3 Tungsten Jig 3/8oz BLACK

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  • Eye-Candy Goodness

    Posted by Walleye Guy on Feb 18th 2024

    These are the best soft plastics for walleye and smallmouth, they hold up, and have great action!

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