Roundhead Jigs

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• Cast from environmentally friendly non-toxic bismuth/tin alloy• Features a premium hook that works great with plastics or live bait   Available in a variety of sizes to catch jumbo perch, crappies, walleyes, saugers and other gamefish...

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Feature premium Cutting Edge hook “UV” coated finish Read more   Offered in weights perfect for all gamefish, from panfish to large predators like walleyes, trout and pike. Premium long-shank hook with sharper bait-color holds...

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• Feature premium hooks• “Bait Saver” collar and hot neon attractor colors• DuraFinish coating for long lasting finish Available in sizes deadly on all gamefish. Tip with live bait such as minnows, leeches and nightcrawlers or...

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• Molded with a blood red Lip-Stick® wounded bait hook• Features Super-Glo neon attractor colors• Glowing "eye-balls" and specially designed barbed "bait-collar" Deadly for walleyes, saugers, bass and pike, particularly in low-light...

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