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  • 90 degree aqua dynamic head design
  • High-Vis UV enhanced optically brighten finish
  • Wire keeper helps keep plastics and live bait in place
  • Perfect jig for presenting live bait and/or plastics to fish
  • Great in any calm or current water condition

Deadly on walleyes, saugers and other predatory gamefish in flowing water. Tip with live bait or soft plastics including IMPULSE® Paddle Minnow, Paddle Shad and Core Swimbait. Vertically jig, drag, hover and pitch along channel edges and current seams, over feeding areas such as clambeds and around pilings and other current breaks. 

 FISHING TIP: By Mark Courts

Properly matching your Current Cutter Jig's weight to the current flow to get your jig to look the most life like will mean the difference between getting a few bites or a live-well full! But remember to watch for slight changes throughout the day or different locations you may have to make adjustments to your jigs weight.Tip this with your favorite plastic or live bait and you will have a successful day on the water! 


Customer Reviews

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  • Keep selling

    Posted by Clint on Jun 25th 2019

    Excellent jig! I use it with plastics casting for walleyes. Need more colors, like black and fire tiger, also a 5/16 size would be great.

  • Fantastic

    Posted by Bill Schiess on Apr 9th 2019

    Love the wire keeper and the glow retention, we just need it in different colors like BLUE!!!

  • Keeps minnows on

    Posted by David Feltes on Sep 25th 2018

    As advertised, the bait keeper wire holder keeps the minnows on the jig much longer than jigs without this feature.

  • Fish catcher

    Posted by Ron Trusty on Jun 25th 2018

    This is the best JIG I have ever used.
    Caught over 30 Northern Pike in one day using the CURRENT CUTTER JIG.

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