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Rip your way to more panfish, perch, pike, walleyes and trout. Use for vertical jigging through the ice and both casting and jigging in open water. Flat head produces a tight-wiggling action when jigged aggressively and on the retrieve, when it pays to experiment with straight and rip-fall cadences.

  • Internally weighted rattle chamber emits sonic vibration and sonars
  • Flat-head design for tight wiggling action
  • Designed for vertical jigging or cast & retrieve
  • 1/8 OZ. - 1 1/2" - #12 FRONT HOOK - #12 BACK HOOK (SINKING)
  • 3/8 OZ. - 2" - #8 FRONT HOOK - #10 BACK HOOK (SINKING)
  • 5/8 OZ. - 2 5/8" - #4 FRONT HOOK - #6 BACK HOOK (SINKING)


Customer Reviews

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  • Rippin’ shad = rippin fish outta’ the water

    Posted by Tj on May 27th 2022

    Super effective bait love having it in my arsenal

  • Rippin Shad

    Posted by Donnie Obert on Mar 14th 2022

    Super Versatile Multi Species Bait! I’ve had smashing success both casting and vertical Rip Jigging this bait!

  • Best Walleye Lure Yet!

    Posted by Tim Talentino on Feb 21st 2017

    I was skeptical of rattle baits, but no longer. After 3 trips to my favorite spot, I took home 10 walleyes at over 3lbs plus each, and yes they all came off of this bait. The glow is great and long lasting.

  • World's best open water trout and panfish lure!

    Posted by Roy Julius on Nov 4th 2016

    I've been using Rippin' Shads exclusively for trout fishing here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My friends all go out with the usual spinners and spoons and I always outfish them at least 3 to 1. Its also good on perch and crappies. Thanks for an amazing lure Northland! Nobody else makes a 2 inch lipless that weighs 3/8 oz.

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