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• Distinctively designed to stand up on the bottom
• Minimizes snags and maximizes bait presentations

 The Rock-It rocks for walleyes, bass, pike and other predators. Tip with live bait or soft plastics such as an IMPULSE® Jiggin’ Leech or Smelt Minnow. Rig with hook exposed or weedless. For a slower drop, pair with a 4-inch IMPULSE® Minnow, hooked so it rides on its side. Fish with a lift-fall manner so jig hops up, falls to bottom, settles and stands up. Keeping a tight line, jiggle the Rock-It and hop it again.


Customer Reviews

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  • Jigs That Do Their Job

    Posted by Geary Sissel on Jul 20th 2018

    After using these jigs, with various soft baits, I find that my catch numbers have gone up. And I know that the reason is the addition of these new jigs to my arsenal of jigs. They are excellent for vertical jigging and snap jigging. I'm glad that I added them to my jig arsenal, without a doubt. They are versatile and they catch fish! If you're not using them, then you're missing out on the action.


    Posted by Marv Sandbek on Mar 17th 2018

    Just learning how to best use this jig design....not that its complicated, because its not. However, I believe the real potential of the Northland Rock-It jig design is realized when I understand the "fine points" of the capabilities of the jig. The Rock It jig has many applications; vertical and "dragging" seem to be my favorites. I believe the key is to let the Rock It jig settle for a few moments after each movement; whether that be a vertical "lift," or after "pulling/dragging" it a short distance along the bottom. This next open water season will find me experimenting with the "weedless" capabilities of this jig. I have a hunch the Rock It is AWESOME in the weeds!

  • Best Walleye Jig around

    Posted by Unknown on May 15th 2017

    Perfect for fishing rocks and cribs. Hook design makes it easy to get out of snags and I rarely miss a hook set.

  • Incredible action for a jig head

    Posted by Guy Lafreniere on Jul 12th 2016

    I tried Rock-It jig for lakers. I matched it with a impulse paddle tail. Incredible action even at 115 feet deep. I even made some test for land locked salmon. Cast and fast retrieve, very good action at any deep. Highly recommended.

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